The student learning outcomes and the overall requirements for the course were clear and easy to understand.            
The syllabus is clearly written and well organized.            
Instructional methods facilitated my learning.            
The weekly OOCQAs/quizzes facilitated my learning the content in NURS 235            
The graded portfiolo assignment was an appropriate assignment for this course            
The lead instructor was accessible in this online/hybrid course            
The discussion posts and discussion responses helped me to learn the content for this course            
The course content was meaningful and prepared me for the role of the registered nurse.            
Learning resources were relevant, current, and accessible.            
The comprehensive NCLEX predictor was beneficial in providing information for areas of growth.            
The length of the course was appropriate.            
The course provided me with regular and effective contact with the instructor through discussion boards, email communication, office hours.            
The difficulty of the course met my expectations for a course at this level.            
The course contributed to my achievement of the end of program outcomes.            
The assignments were meaningful and contributed to my transition to the registered nurse role.            
Please indicate your level of satisfaction with this course.